Professional Home Spray Tan At Home


Professional Home Spray Tan Refillable 200ml Bottle

  • No leads,no batteries just continuous spray in Flairsol
  • Professional Spray Tan At Home
  • Environmentally friendly reusable 200ml bottle
  • 5/6 spray tans based on size 8 model


The secret is out and Luxe Gold have brought something different to the tanning industry of Northern Ireland! We have created you with the closet thing to a perfect professional spray tan in the comfort of your own home. No leads, no cords , no batteries just continuous spray in a flairosol.

Until now many people do not have the facilities at home to have a spray machine and others may not have the time to travel to salons to get that perfect professional spray –  ‘Luxe Gold Professional Spray Tan At Home’ facilitates these needs within your own home with no requirements to cover up walls etc.. just spray and apply over your body.

Our bottle is environmentally friendly and is refillable, using your favourite Luxe Gold professional spray solution to refill, providing you with a cost effective product while reducing your carbon footprint!


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